Friday, June 10, 2011

All is very exciting here at the Sun Bookshop if you are one of the many who was after the Betty Churcher bookNotebooks then dash on in because it is back in stock hooray! We are deciding on what cheese to have with our glass of wine when Jane Clifton comes down on Wednesday I just like a plain old Wanganui from Curds and Whey at the Vic Market it is a delicious and very tasty cheese from New Zealand, whilst some are pumping for a milder cheese hmmn maybe both! I have been reading reading reading and was hit by the idea that Michael Koryta is actually very Stephen King he started off as crime but a supernatural element began creeping in with So Cold the River anyway his last two books Cypress House and The Ridge (due September) have continued the whole supernatural thing. I really enjoy these books, well written page turners anyway I am now going to shelve them in fiction. So for Stephen King fans I say give them a go

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