Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lovesong is a winner

The 2011 winners of the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards were announced the other night.

There were lots of happy authors, including Alex Miller, who received the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction as well as the People's Choice Award for his book Lovesong, which was also shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award last year.

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So I have been reading a lot of incredible books the list is long and it is time to indulge my secret passion CHICKLIT, only the highest quality of course. One title I have had on the shelf for ages is I Think I Love You by Alison Pearson now this being a book about a woman's old David Cassidy obsession, it completely spoke to me as did her first book I Don't Know how She Does It which begins with a woman breaking store bought shortbread in a desperate attempt to make it look homemade for her child's school fete. Anyway I am so far not disappointed it is very funny and filled with excellent1970's outfits. I know I should be reading Just Kids by Patti Smith for bookclub (and finishing To be Sung Underwater by Tom McNeal) but I've nearly got a whole week. Ohh just confimed for June15 at 6.00pm is an event with the fab Jane Clifton to celebrate the release of her memoir The Address Book. So please come and join us for a glass of wine and a piece of cheese . Did I mention it was the Sun Bookshops birthday May 2nd, 13 years old we feel very teenagery now. Happy Birthday to Us.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I was wondering how many people have discovered the fabulous Denise Mina, Scottish Crime Writer and one of my very favourites. She has so far written two trilogies and is onto her third. The first began with Garnet Hill which she won the Crime Writers Associations best first novel prize. Exile and Resolution completed this first series. Paddy Meehan appeared in the next, The Field of Blood, The Dead Hour and The Last Breath . Paddy was a reporter who grew up in quick smart in the 3 novels, solving crimes along the way. Now her latest protagonist DI Alex Morrow who has a dodgy family background and a whole lot of sadness she is trying to hide, is of course, a hard, yet fabulous detective first in Still Midnight and is now back in the new and page turning Wasp Season. Alex Morrow investigates the murder of a single woman who seems to live a quiet and private life, but is she really the demure spinster her neighbours believed her to be, Alex is another great strong female character . Of course we can not leave out Denise Minas stand alone book Sanctus the story of a psychologist accused of murdering one of her psychopath patients. Very excitingly Orion will be reissuing the Garnethill trilogy in July, hooray. While you are discovering new things have you ever been to Lulo a truly excellent and delicious Spanish and Latin American, modern food restaurant in Glenferrie rd Hawthorn. Take Denise Mina or a friend and go there for anything they suggest yum, great spanish wine too!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Ottoman Motel

The Ottoman Motel, Christopher Currie (Text Publishing)

Christopher Curries’ debut novel is a fabulous page turner. I read it in one sitting and was totally engrossed. Simon, a young boy, stops with his parents in Reception the town where his grandmother lives. Whilst Simon stays at the hotel, his parents go for a drive and never return. A distressed Simon is taken in by the townsfolk but feels that nobody is searching for his parents in any meaningful way and that’s when he and another parentless boy take matters into their own hands. This book is a great way to while away a rainy weekend (and there seems to be plenty of those).