Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yarraville is very Generous

(Not actual present wrapped at Sun Bookshop)
Thanks Yarraville today we donated an IPad to Yarraville Special Developmental School.  They are great educational tools for children with disabilities. We could only do this due to the generosity of our customers who donated money for Gift Wrapping at Christmas. On April 21st we will again be raising money for Yarraville Special Developmental School  with a bound proof lucky dip on our birthday.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is What you Eat from Where you Are?

The Field Guide to Victorian Produce
The Locavore Edition

This stunningly (and locally and eco-friendly) printed field guide is about being a Locavore, maybe you haven't heard of this term (spell check certainly has not!) but a Locavore is someone who tries to eat locally. So this neat little book can help you do more of that, eat things grown within walking distant (omg!) of your house or community or suburb. Maybe not walking distance but would't you prefer, for example, to have some lovely Ross Creek Garlic from your very own state of Victoria than some mysterious internationally produced garlic? I think it is worth some (food for) thought!
There are other interesting morsels scattered through the book,  an interview with Stephanie Alexander, and an article titled 'I Don't Buy Food From Strangers' which makes me feel sort of excited... Imagine only buying food from people you knew, who had grown the food, all on their own. 
The guide has 105 grower profiles, 179 producer profiles, food trails and maps for regions in Victoria and beautiful illustrations to keep you visually pleased while scouring for the best of the best in fair Victoria.


by Molly

Pop-Up Parks and Books

Okay so we are trying to not think about the sad day that our PopUp Park disappears and just enjoy it completely whilst it is still here. Look out any lunchtime and you are sure to see some Sun Bookshoppers with a sandwich in one hand and a book in the other. This week I was catching up on Lauren Olivers' Delirium, it's great teen fiction, from this U.S. writer who will be at the Younger Sun Bookshop for afternoon tea on Thursday 29th of March at 4.30pm, come on down. A few weeks ago you could have seen me absorbed in Christopher Morgans' wonderful Currawalli Street . Christopher, one of Yarravilles own, will be at the Sun Bookshop Wednesday 21st of March where Yarraville's Queen of Rock Rebecca Barnard will be launching Currawalli Street.  Hitting it with a bottle of plonk I believe. I whiled away a bit of summer reclining in a deck chair and page-turning my way through Paddy O'Rielly's funny, moving tale of a single mother in country Victoria. The Sun Bookclub is lucky enough to have Paddy come along and discuss The Fine Colour of Rust with us Wednesday 28th of March at 8pm. Crikey its all too much fun and you are all invited . Ps read The Cartographer Peter Twohig has not turned up in the hood yet but his funny, page turning tale of  the city we all know, looked at in another era is a corker.