Thursday, March 17, 2011

Libbi Gorr Event

Yum, ate gorgeous french food at PM 24 last night, Lemon Curd to die for, and as you may already know chef Phillipe Mouchel along with Rita Erlich has a new book called More Than French recipes and stories, divine! Let me feed you two morsels of information.Wednesday April 6 at 12pm we are hosting an event at the Sun Theatre with Rebecca Barnard chatting to Libbi Gorr about her book The A-Z of Mummy Manners, an hilarious look at etiquette for the modern mother. Run away from home or work and join us for Dips, biccies and a glass of wine it is not PM24 but its free, book on second morsel is that I was lucky enough to see the Williamstown Festival Programme so far and I feel very excited loads of excellent people and events I would love to attend.

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